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The glamorous life…
by handknitter
on 03/29/16 08:25 am
by sarah on 03/29/16 8:08 am
Categories: teach

The days just before an out-of-town teaching trip are always relaxing and glamorous. NOT!

Here's the reality:

Updating and printing the class notes: I'm always striving to improve my handouts. I want my students to be successful in class — if the relevant information is already in front of you, you can pay more attention to what's happening in class. And I also want my students to be successful after the fact — I was a student long before I was a teacher, and I always preferred handouts that helped me to retain/remember what I learned.

Working through the homework and the in-class knitting: The less "filler" work done in class (making sure you have the right needle size and yarn, casting on, a few foundation rows…), the better. If that means a little more homework on the front end, so be it. The homework also helps to verify that you have the skills necessary to be successful in class — can you knit in the round on double points? Because that's not covered in this particular class, but it's what we're using to learn what IS covered.

Packing: Running through the checklist of teaching materials and class samples, and double checking that there are enough (newly updated) handouts to cover the current class roster, plus any last-minute sign-ups. And then squeezing everything into one checked bag and one carry-on, making sure to leave room for… 

… the clothes that are currently in the washer or dryer while all this other stuff is going on. Clothes for travel, and clothes for teaching. Shoes. Jewelry. Toiletries. Snacks. Electronic devices (and chargers). Something to knit on the bus/plane/cab/car and during any (rare) downtime at the event.

And that leaves the home front. Cleaning out the fridge (on the menu today: leftovers!), changing the sheets, emptying the garbage, watering the plants, and making sure everything is in tiptop shape for whoever is going to be looking after THAT adorable face (and her sister) while I'm gone.

Travel, teach, rinse, repeat. 

I love it!

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