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by handknitter
on 04/15/16 09:54 am
by sarah on 04/15/16 9:09 am
Categories: design

I seem to have a mental block against publishing the patterns for my own designs. I have interested knitters who keep nudging me with gentle (and not-so-gentle) reminders.

I have at least four dozen (FOUR DOZEN) patterns in various stages of completion. I have test knitters, tech editors, photographers, and layout people on standby.

I have a page on Ravelry all set up for pattern sales (currently full of broken links to patterns I pulled so I could make them "prettier"). I have more ideas wanting to spill out of my head and onto my needles. 

This has been going on for many, many, years. Many years. MANY. YEARS. It's actually gotten kind of embarrassing. 

So what's the problem? Mostly I keep taking off the "designer" hat in favor of the "teacher" hat or the "tech editor" hat. I AM trying to earn a living, after all, and teaching and editing involve deadlines that result in money in the bank.

Will designing? Is it worth the time and effort? 

I think it's time to find out. I think it's finally time to put on the "designer" hat and see what happens.

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