Knit Knacks (90 minutes) (beginner)

Class Description

Do you have some scissors I can borrow? How about a stitch marker? What’s that doodad? Do I need it? Besides the obvious – yarn, needles, and a pattern – what other notions and gizmos do we knitters need? There are so many THINGS vying for our attention (and our dollars) in the shops and catalogs. What do they do? Are they necessary? What can’t I live (or knit) without? What will make me a better knitter? What do I need to put on my shopping list? Join Sarah for a fun-filled tour through the cornucopia of tools and gadgets available to today’s knitters, from darning needles to blocking wires, and from post-its to nostepinnes. We’ll include things for working on your project, keeping track of where you are, washing and blocking, designing, finishing, repairing, storing, measuring, cutting, embellishing…you get the picture…EVERYTHING!

Techniques to be covered

  • Everything a knitter needs!

Supplies needed

  • Feel free to bring a tool or gadget for show and tell!