Reading Your Knitting (90 minutes) (beginner)

Class Description

Have you ever taken the time to LOOK at your knitting? Which way do your stitches face? Are you on the right side or the wrong side? How many rows have you worked? Did you remember to decrease in the previous row? Let’s SLOW DOWN and learn the anatomy of a stitch, then study the fabric below the needles. Sarah has some tricks to help you discover what you’ve done and where you are, and to keep track going forward. In no time at all, you’ll be a smarter, more confident knitter!

Techniques to be covered

  • Stitch anatomy
  • Stitch orientation
  • Traditional vs. non-traditional knitting
  • Cast-on edges
  • Right side vs. wrong side
  • Counting rows
  • Recognizing an keeping track of increases/decreases
  • Keeping a knitting journal

Supplies needed

  • 50 g smooth, light-colored, worsted-weight yarn
  • US 7 (4.5 mm) double-pointed needles, approximately 7″ in length