Felted Entrelac Bag


Class Description

Entrelac is a very cool knitting technique that resembles a basketweave pattern. Felting (fulling, actually) involves turning your knitting into a solid fabric, and does wonders for hiding any inconsistencies formed while learning the Entrelac technique! In this class you will use both Entrelac and felting to make a handy knitting (or whatever!) bag.

(Three 2-hour sessions)

Supplies needed

  • 8 large stitch markers
  • US 13 (9mm) 24” circular needle
  • 100% wool yarn (NOT superwash, because the project is going to be felted), bulky weight (12-15 stitches to 4 inches)
  • 200 gm of MC (top, base, and handles of bag)
  • 200 gm EACH of Colors A and B (the two main contrasting colors)
  • 100 gm of Color C (the third contrasting color)


With MC, cast on 36 stitches. Work garter stitch (knit every row) for 72 rows (there will be 36 ridges on both the front and the back of the fabric). Bind off loosely. Do not cut yarn. The fabric should be pretty loose and floppy—the gauge should be approximately 9 stitches and 18-20 rows (9-10 ridges) to 4 inches.