Class length
3 hours
Skill level
Class type
Supplies needed
1.75 oz (50 g) smooth, light-colored worsted-weight yarn
US 7 (4.5 mm) straight or circular needles
Tablet or notebook
Pencil and eraser
Straight-edge ruler
Tape measure
Sweater (to measure)
Photos of sweaters from clothing catalogs
Materials fee
Cast on 30 stitches. Rows 1-6: Knit (garter stitch). Row 7: Knit. Row 8: K3, purl until 3 stitches remain, k3. Repeat Rows 7 and 8 until piece measures 5" (2.5 cm) from cast-on row. Knit 6 rows (garter stitch). Bind off. Cut yarn, leaving a 12" (30-cm) tail.
Techniques to be covered
Getting ideas
Sweater styles
Yarn properties
Stitch patterns

Simple Designing Tips

Simple Designing Tips photo

Class Description          
Have you ever looked at a sweater in a store or a catalog and wondered if you could figure out how to knit it yourself? You can! Learn how to go from idea to knitting needles to a custom-fit sweater, step by step. A variety of sweater styles will be explored, including dropped shoulder, raglan, and set-in sleeve. Measurements, schematics, shaping, yarn properties and stitch patterns will be discussed. Bring your ideas and questions and a couple of sweaters to study, and get ready to be a designer!