Class length
3 hours
Skill level
Supplies needed
1.75 oz (50 g) smooth, light-colored, #4 (worsted-weight) yarn
US 7 (4.5 mm) double-pointed needles, approximately 7" (18 cm) in length (set of 5)
US 7 (4.5 mm) circular needle AT LEAST 32" (80 cm) long measured from tip to tip. WILL NOT WORK with a shorter needle!
G (4 mm) crochet hook
Stitch markers
Materials fee
Cast on 6 stitches. Knit 12 rows (garter stitch). Do not bind off. Do not cut yarn.
Techniques to be covered
Figure Eight cast-on
Judy’s Magic Cast-on
Turkish cast-on
Bosnian toe
Emily Ocker's cast-on
Starting with dpns

Something From Nothing

Casting On for Toe-Up Socks photo

Class Description
(formerly: Casting On for Toe-Up Socks)
Hats from the top down. Socks from the toe up. Gloves from the fingertips. Circular shawls, seamless bags, pouches, and toys. What do these things have in common? Each can be worked from the "center" out! Learn to knit your way out of the middle of nowhere with a sampling of closed cast-ons. Included are the Figure Eight cast-on, Judy’s Magic Cast-on, the Turkish cast-on, Emily Ocker's cast-on, and more.