I invite you to join my Sarah Peasley Handknitter community on Patreon!

What is Patreon?

Short version: Patreon is a space that allows you to provide support to your favorite content creators. Like me!

Long version (from their website): “Patreon is a way to join and engage with your favorite creator’s community. No algorithms or doom scrolling here — you’ll have a dedicated place to get content from the creators you know and love. If creators offer paid membership or sell digital products, you can pay them directly for exclusive content, knowing you’re supporting them to create more of the work you love.”

Awkward version: You can choose to poke around in one of my Patreon community tiers for free for a bit, and if you’re enjoying watching me muddle my way through life then you can choose to throw some monthly support my way (or not! it’s okay!). And if you hate monthly subscriptions, there’s an annual option with a little discount. (End of awkward version.)

Available tiers, along with the silly names I gave them:

Tier 1 of 4: Bubbly Water ($3/month). Includes a 5% class/help session discount and a silly weekly(ish) poll, like: what’s your favorite color, how do you pronounce “Nutella,” and “Is Sunday or Monday the beginning of the week?”

Tier 2 of 4: Black Tea ($5/month). Includes a 10% class/help session discount, the silly polls, and patrons-only posts on life in general. You can see behind-the-scenes in my shiny new studio! You can see Mr. Moustache and Frankie!

Tier 3 of 4: French Fries ($10/month). Includes a 15% class/help session discount, the silly polls, the patrons-only posts, and access to a patrons-only chat room, where we can talk each others ears off!

Tier 4 of 4: Hot Chocolate ($15/month). Includes a 20% class/help session discount, the silly polls, the patrons-only posts, access to the patrons-only chat room, and an invitation to in-person knit-togethers (or crochet, embroider, draw, sew, paint, etc.) in the aforementioned shiny new studio!

If you strongly dislike having your payment information hanging out there for monthly subscription thingies, you can pay the whole year up front instead (with an 8% discount!).

Would you like to earn my eternal gratitude?

Pretty please?

I’d really appreciate your support, and look forward getting to know you better!