No, I won’t knit for you. Not even for lots and lots of money. Especially not a Christmas stocking. But I WILL help you finish all the things! Here are some of the services I can provide for you:

Sewing garment pieces together
• Sewing garment pieces together
Finishing the fussy bits, e.g., knitting the thumb on a mitten
• Finishing the fussy bits
Preparing and cutting your steeks
• Preparing and cutting your steeks
Embellishing with duplicate stitch
• Embellishing with duplicate stitch
binding off ribbing
• Adding borders (sewing, knitting, or crochet)
afghan strips
• Seaming afghan strips
Adding buttons
• Adding buttons
  • Fixing dropped stitches or boo boos
  • Grafting (Kitchener Stitch) the toes of your socks, the underarms of your yoke sweaters, or the ends of your cowl
  • Weaving in ends

I charge $40 per hour. To get started, contact me and tell me about your project and what you need.