How to Zoom

Been wondering how a Zoom class works? You click on an emailed link and BOOM…you’re in a Zoom class (yes, it’s that easy). Here’s what you’ll see: the first photo here shows “Gallery View,” where instructor, students, and the live demo are all in equal-sized windows (think: Brady Bunch, but with knitting).

Zoom gallery view

The second photo shows “Speaker View,” where whoever makes the most noise pops into the big window and everyone else is lined up in the tiny windows along the top, OR we can make the demo window be the big window for as long as we need it.

Zoom speaker view

It’s magic, and it’s that simple. An added bonus? You can be located anywhere in the world to take any of these classes. Ain’t technology grand? Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions!

Notes for Zoom sessions

  • All knitting class sessions will take place online via Zoom at the appointed times only, and will not be recorded.
  • A Zoom link will be emailed to each student 24 hours prior to each upcoming class session.
  • The online instruction will consist of two windows: one with Sarah’s smiling face, and one with on-camera close-ups for demonstration purposes. Each student’s smiling face will also be viewable in a window.
  • Each student will be responsible for using Zoom (super easy by clicking on a link) on an electronic device that is large enough for the instructor window and demonstration window to be clearly viewed.

On Zoom, I’ll be ready to:

  • “Zoom” at you from two screens: one showing my bright, shiny face and one showing my hands playing with yarn
  • see what YOU’RE doing, and show you what I’M doing
  • give you my undivided attention
  • answer as many of your questions as I possibly can
  • refer to my extensive collection of knitting/crochet/design/etc resources for answers or options, if needed
  • try to convince you to swatch

On Zoom, you’ll be ready to:

  • “Zoom” on the biggest screen you have available so you can see my bright, shiny face and my hands playing with yarn (desktop preferred over laptop, laptop preferred over tablet, tablet preferred over phone)
  • SEE what you’re doing, and SEE what I’m doing (have a good light source, and have your eyeglasses within reach)
  • show me your face (I’d rather see your face than your ceiling fan)
  • give me your undivided attention
  • bravely ask what you think is a silly question
  • boldly ask a BUNCH of silly questions!

What I can’t do for you during our Zoom:

  • go get your glasses for you
  • find that stitch marker you dropped
  • force you to make a swatch
  • hold a tape measure up to your body
  • knit the thing for you
  • scritch your dog or cat between the ears
  • have a bite of your chocolate 🙁

What you can’t do for me during our Zoom:

  • hand me your knitting
  • scritch my dog or cat between the ears
  • give me a bite of your chocolate 🙁