Make Something: Fair Isle Pillow


Use your colorwork know-how (and Sarah’s knitterly help) to design and make a beautiful, colorful Fair Isle pillow cover in two 2-hour sessions

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This class is held on Zoom (two 2-hour sessions).

Want to make something for yourself that’s colorful and beautiful? Something uniquely yours, fitting your individual taste and style? That you can see and enjoy and be proud of, every single day?

Sarah is ready to help you through the entire process of designing and making your very own Fair Isle pillow. With Sarah’s expert guidance, you’ll become more comfortable and confident with

  • two-handed Fair Isle knitting
  • color selection and placement
  • very simple charts
  • steam blocking

No steeks will be harmed in the making of this Fair Isle home decor. (If you don’t know what a steek is, that’s absolutely fine. We’ll talk about them during class, but that’s all we’ll do with them. I promise.)

The pillow pictured is just one example of yarn weight (fingering/jumper weight), fiber (a wooly wool), color choices (a zillion), and charts (I’d call these intermediate). During class, Sarah is going to make herself a new pillow cover using just a few colors of worsted-weight wool and much simpler charts. You get to choose whatever will make you happy, from elegantly simple to daringly complex.

When scheduling a Zoom session, please make sure you have read How to Zoom ahead of time.
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Skill level

Adventurous Beginner (must be very comfortable knitting and purling; no previous Fair Isle experience required)

Supplies Needed:  

  • 100 gms main color (MC) in any weight from fingering through worsted, in a solid or almost completely solid color. Wool or a wool blend is preferred, but not required.
  • 100 gms contrast color(s) (CC) in the same weight and fiber (or a similar fiber) as the MC, in solid and/or variegated colors that are in high contrast to the MC, which means the MC should not be included in any of the CCs. To help with choosing high contrast yarns, look at your choices through the black and white (mono) filter on your smartphone’s camera: ideally, the MC will either appear as a much darker or much lighter shade of grey than all of the CCs.
  • 16″-20″ circular needle, in size appropriate for yarn chosen (it would be a good idea to have a small range of sizes on hand in case you want to tighten or loosen up your stitches)
  • stitch markers, with one in a unique color to mark the beginning of round
  • scissors
  • graph paper
  • pencil
  • scrap yarn
  • blunt tapestry/darning needle
  • optional: colored pencils
  • to be picked out later: pillow form, buttons