Please allow me to introduce myself to you. I bet you’ll find we have something in common!

I was born (yes, I’m actually starting that far back!) in Duluth, Minnesota, and grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I’ve lived in the Lansing, Michigan, area since 1979, first as a student, then as a single working girl, and then as a wife and mother. I was doing all the things, and had everything figured out.

I am now divorced, on the other side of menopause, in recovery, and on antidepressants and blood pressure medication. I can’t possibly do all the things, I don’t have anything figured out, and I have never been happier in my entire life.

I have always been a knitter — first by myself, then in community with others (highly recommend!).

I was an eager student of yarny things — first through books, then at local and national events.

Twenty-four years ago I became a knitting teacher — first locally, then nationally, and then virtually (stupid pandemic!).

Fourteen years ago I also became a technical editor (for knitting, crochet, and weaving books and patterns) for independent designers, yarn companies, and book publishers.

And ten years ago I ALSO started working at Woven Art Yarn Shop in East Lansing, Michigan, selling yarny things and helping customers with their questions.

As a yarn shop employee, I learned versatility.
As an editor, I practice consistency and clarity.
As a teacher, I promise patience and understanding.
As a student, I welcome curiosity.
And as a knitter, I’ve discovered community.