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Have some languishing projects you want to get DONE?

So does Sarah!

Let’s do it TOGETHER!

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This event is held in person on the last Sunday of each month, from 1:30-3:30 pm EST (one 2-hour session per month).

This monthly get-together is a SOCIAL gathering, not a class. There is NO SKILL level required, NO HOMEWORK, and no requirement to get anything accomplished at all, although there will be a bell to ring 🛎 for each item that gets finished, because that will definitely be WORTH CELEBRATING!

Sarah has a GIANT PILE of projects that just need to have their ends woven in. Or neckbands picked up. Or seams sewn.

How about you? What projects have YOU been AVOIDING that just need a little bit (or a big bit) of FINISHING? Maybe some buttons to sew on? A quilt to bind? Socks to darn? Pants to hem?

Those of us who tend to procrastinate on such things could use some in-person MORAL SUPPORT in order to GET THINGS DONE, don’t you think?

Bring it all to Sarah’s house at the end of the month for a FINISHING PARTY!

Patrons of Sarah Peasley Handknitter’s Patreon community are eligible to attend for free!